Our Lord Jesus, who is the Founder, Head and Foundation of the church desires that His own church must be in every locality of the earth. When He declares that" I will build my church" He has every locality and community of the world in mind. One of the major purpose of the church in every locality is to expand the frontiers of His Kingdom into every heart, home and people groups. Unfortunately, majority of churches in localities today are spiritually sick, infirm, diseased and dying, the more reason the impact of the church is at a very low ebb, inspite of very many local assemblies Here are tell tale signs of unhealthy local churches that we have found out;
  1. 1. An unhealthy local church is founded upon the dreams,visions, ideas and personality of a preacher 2. An unhealthy local church is started by strife, quarrel, breakaway, gimmicks and rebellion 3. An unhealthy local church have more of stagnation, back door losses and internal crisis than spiritual victories 4. An unhealthy local church started small, remains small and continues small though the years 6. An unhealthy local church cajoles sin, compromise the truth and pamper people in their evil lifestyles 7. An unhealthy local church has a pastor who is domineering, abusive and takes advantage of the people financially, sexually, mentally and relationally. 8 An unhealthy local church has more of internal squabbles, infighting, political maneuvers, disunity and unloving actions. 9. An unhealthy local church doesn't attract her neighbors as a result of bad image. 10. An unhealthy local church twists the Bible, teaches erroneous doctrines and controversial living of her members and preachers 11. An unhealthy local church doesn't allow her members to do anything nor use their gifts for The Lord 12. An unhealthy local church doesn't make people to know The Lord personally, but depends only on the preacher--they can't pray nor seek The Lord personally. 13. An unhealthy local church doesn't pray, uses secular knowledge to write off personal and corporate prayers. 14. An unhealthy local church has more of secular preaching, secular talks, secular management, secular leadership and secular emphasis in everything. 15. An unhealthy local church remains as one church after several years without multiplying to other branches in other localities 16. An unhealthy local church builds the faith of people on prophecies, visions, and miracles than on the undiluted Word of God 17. An unhealthy local church has elders, deacons and trustees in control than the Pastor 18. An unhealthy local church allows the operations of strange spirits, witches, wizards and immoral people than the Holy Spirit of God 19.An unhealthy local church has her finances shrouded in secrecy and private pockets of few leaders. 20 An unhealthy local church appoints unsaved, immature, ungodly but materially rich people into sensitive positions in the church.
Current research has confirmed that over 85% of local churches in Africa are in these unhealthy situations. If we want to hasten the coming of The Lord Jesus to rapture His church, then each pastor, leader, minister and bishop of local churches must start to work for the healing and health of our local churches. If you want you and your church to benefit from this ten year project, kindly inbox me your mobile phone number. #IStandForHealthyLocalChurch

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