This is a good follow up on my last post on CELEBRITY CHURCH OR JESUS CHURCH, which I think was well received, even though many of my friends kept silence on these burning issues In The church of today. Anyway, about 30 years ago, there appear a discernible change and pattern on who becomes a pastor in our nation and continent. Some who sees pastoral job as glamorous started coming into the ministry of our Lord Jesus gradually and today, they are the most prominent. Becoming a pastor is the cheapest and easiest thing today. Every Aminu, Ada and Àde can become and has become a pastor, a celebrity one for that matter. A. Who is a Celebrity Pastor? Make no mistake, I know and have come across many pastors of today who aspires to become glamorous in ministry and be celebrated like secular movies, sport and music stars and heroes, which has had very negative effect on the work of the Lord. Therefore,
  1. A celebrity pastor is someone who runs with the mentality that a man of God must be treated as a king, honored, venerated and be highly respected by the people all the time;
  2. he must live like a king, enjoy the best of treatment and receives all the gifts from the people, whether they like it or not;
  3. A celebrity pastor goes about with security guards, protocols and bouncers that drives people away or keep them at bay;
  4. A celebrity pastor boasts of his degrees, titles, class and attainments and sees himself as doing the people favour by pastoring them;
  5. A celebrity pastor preaches himself, his worth, wealth, travels, connections and high taste for the best of material things;
  6. A celebrity pastor is much more popular than Jesus in his church--he avoids the teachings of Jesus in his talks;
  7. A celebrity pastor moves with politicians, Goverment officials and high networth individuals because he believes he is not called to pastor poor people.
  8.  A celebrity pastor is an orator, motivational speaker and talks much more about this world, than the world to come. He believes we should make the world a better place, enjoy as much as possible of this world than prepare for eternity. He says heaven can wait while we take as much worldly pleasure as possible.
  9.  A celebrity pastor is a double dealer. He says one thing and does another. He is a public success, but a private failure. He doesn't live what he preaches.
  10. A celebrity pastor hates the truth, detest criticism and will fight those who dare to ask sincere questions about the style of ministry.
B. Who is a SERVANT of JESUS? Every pastor, evangelist, bishop, apostle, prophet and teacher MUST become the servant of Jesus. We must be His Ministers--serving genuinely and sincerely with our gifts,graces and time. A very good example of that is John the Baptist. He as the favorite minister of Jesus. Jesus wants every minister to copy John the Baptist.
  1.  John the Baptist knew God one on one and have direct relationship with Him, so must we
  2.  John knew his mission and purpose--to show Jesus to the world, so must we
  3.  John lifted up Jesus, not himself, so must we all the time
  4.  John preach the truth to powers of his day, so must we
  5.  John was willing to die for what he believes, we cannot do less
  6.  Even in doubt, John sends to Jesus to confirm. That is what we must do.
  7.  John lived a sacrificial life. A servant of Jesus must be an example of simple living.
  8.  John was free from any scandal. Servants of Jesus must not tarnish His name for whatever.
  9.  John did not deceive the people--he called them to genuine repentance, so must we
  10.  John finished his ministry gloriously-so must we.
Until every pastor and church leader becomes a true servant of Jesus, we cannot have revival in our churches. It starts from us pastors. As long as we only want to be a Celebrity--getting away with many crimes-then the church of Christ will continue to flounder. So answer for yourself, are you a celebrity pastor, or a true servant of Jesus? You will have to answer now or later. But one day, you will answer. I only hope by then That the blood of so many souls will not be In Your hand

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