Over the last two or three decades, there had been lots of teachings, arguments, conferences and books on church growth that believes that the health of a local church should be measured by outward expression of the church. Therefore, the followings have been propounded as marks of a healthy local church;
  1.  A surging crowd of people in weekend services--even if majority doesn't know The Lord intimately
  2.  A fine and architectural masterpiece of a building and structure--even if the people are not built for The Lord
  3.  Physically and financially wealthy audience--even if they are crooks,corrupt and thieves of national treasury
  4.  Expensive instruments and P.A systems that are top notch in the market--even though they mean nothing to God
  5.  A 1000 member strong choristers--even though they are not living for Christ
  6.  A pastor with a big mantle, title, belly and pocket--even though is a backslider at heart.
  7.  A church with a big bank account that can do anything they like with their money---even though spending for His Kingdom is last in their agenda
  8.  A church that members has the latest cars, mansions, businesses and breakthroughs--even though they could not explain their source of wealth.
  9. A church with highly educated ministers who has lots of degrees and highly placed in secular society--even though they don't know the Holy Spirit of God
  10. A church with a highly visible pulpit that entertains many----even though the true gospel of Christ is not seen in the sermons
  11. 11. A church of powerful prophetic and miracle emphasis--even though they thrive much on gimmicks and personal gains.
  12. A church that provide a worship experience that is enchanting and fabulous---even though the worshipers are idol worshipers of various categories
These outward measuring yardsticks has been promoted severally over the years to the extent that lots of pastors and church leaders are under serious pressure to measure up and are ready to do anything to be counted among the big and growing churches of our time. What an error and bastardization of Scriptural standards with human measurements. Truth be told, your church can have all these and yet not a healthy local church of Christ. Your church can be BiG because of FATS, FLUIDS, FOETUS and FOOD, yet not Healthy. Big doesn't necessarily mean better. #istandforhealthylocalchurch

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